Friday, May 15, 2009

henset bertopengkn jam - for sale

korang penah dgr tak pasal
Analogue Bluetooth(tm) Watch

bende ni actually xde kt Malaysia..
tp klu ade yg berminat nk dptkn nyer...
just email to immediately..
korang leh dptkn nyer.. br pny.. comfirm...
tempoh promosi bermula skg hingga hujung bulan ini shj..

Ini ade skit keterangan pasal bende tu..

The Specification

Analogue Bluetooth(tm) Watch

* Technically innovative with classic watch design
* Stainless steel
* Mineral crystal scratch resistant face with antiglare coating
* Discreet yet clear OLED display
* Quartz movements for exact time keeping
* Strong wireless link to phone using Bluetooth(tm) 2.0

Time indicator

* Analogue
* Digital from mobile phone

Discreet call handling

* Caller ID in display
* Reject/mute call through watch
* Adjust volume

Music player control

* Play, stop, next/previous track
* Adjust volume

SMS/MMS message alert

* Vibrates upon receiving an SMS/MMS

Out of range warning

* Vibration alert at 10 meters from phone

Auto pairing(tm)

* Easy to set up

Water resistant

* Up to 30 meters

harga nye rm700nett(no more best price)

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